WAjic (WebAssembly JavaScript Interface Creator) - How and Why

This is somewhat of a followup to my last post “WebAssembly without Emscripten” where I will describe the steps that brought me to the release of WAjic which stands for “WebAssembly JavaScript Interface Creator”. I think it was 4 AM during another...

WebAssembly without Emscripten

How to get rid of Emscripten and build and compile WebAssembly applications with ease.

Fixing Visual Studio undo behavior with assembly editing

Visual Studio has a really annoying behavior regarding its undo/redo functionality. In addition to text edits, it somehow also considers expanding/collapsing code blocks as an edit step. So if you undo a change and then happen to expand a section ...

Profiling with Valgrind and visualization with KCachegrind

Profiling native code is certainly an interesting topic. Many people don’t do it at all, and some people overdo it (unnecessary micro optimization). Also there’s the problem of finding good (free) tools which are easy to use. I write code on Wind...

Fake Windows application that runs on a remote host

Here’s a cool little trick to get a command line application on Windows to act like it is being run locally, but it actually runs something on a remote Linux host.